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The Netherlands
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Supervisors: Dr. Florian Meirer and Dr. Freddy Rabouw
Promotor: Prof. dr. ir. Bert Weckhuysen 

Rational catalyst design is the holy grail of modern catalysis, which requires a thorough understanding of structure-performance relationships. Micro- and spectroscopy plays a pivotal role in the study of these relationships through the visualization of both the diffusive species, such as reaction products, and the pore network of a catalyst particle [1]. A single micro(spectro)scopic technique is not capable of capturing the dynamics and many length scales involved, which can be overcome by combining various imaging techniques in a correlative manner. Despite that correlative microscopy is a rich research field for biological samples, it is largely unexplored in the area of materials science [2]. The rapid developments in 3D super-resolution fluorescence microscopy, 3D X-ray microscopy, and 3D electron microscopy techniques hold great promise for the development of correlative microscopy to study inorganic materials [3-5]. The aim of this research project is the development and use of a combination of different microscopy and spectroscopy techniques to study structure-performance relationships in single porous catalyst particles.

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