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Artificial intelligence inverse designs smart materials

Researchers design unique two-in-one catalyst to make carbon-neutral transportation fuels

Former SCMB PhD Jessi van der Hoeven wins KNCV – Van Arkel Prize 2018-2019

Artificial intelligence inverse designs smart materials

SCMB researchers gain control over growth 2D material

PhD defence Robin van Damme 

PhD defence Gabriele Coli

Freddy Rabouw receives NWO Vidi grant 

PhD defence Stijn Hinterding 

PhD defence Carmine Anzivino 

Multidisciplinary cooperation leads to catalysts that are up to 50 times more effective

Young Talent Shell Physics Graduation Award to Marjolein de Jager

PhD defence Rama Kotni

PhD defence Chris Kennedy

Freddy Rabouw receives Heineken Young Scientists Award

EMMEPH Thesis Prize for Marjolein de Jager MSc

PhD defence Massimiliano Chiappini

Invitation to the online Award Ceremony for the 2020 Heineken Young Scientists Awards

Public lecture by Heineken Young Scientist Award winner Freddy Rabouw on September 12th

Publication in Nature Physics by SCM researchers

PhD defence Sina Sadighikia

Publication in Science with Utrecht researchers Marjolein Dijkstra and Massimiliano Chiappini 

Freddy Rabouw receives Heineken Young Scientists Award

PhD defence Xiaobin Xie

Front cover for liquid cell TEM paper

Publication in Nature: Researchers develop wavy nanosurfaces for better optical components

Marjolein Dijkstra appointed as KNAW member 

ERC Advanced Grant for physicist Marjolein Dijkstra

Marie Curie European Fellowships for SCM

NWO Groot grant for SCM

PhD defence Guilia Fiorucci 

Netherlands Electron Microscopy Infrastructure (NEMI) Kick off meeting November 6th 2019

New electron microscope for materials sciences coming to UU in April 2020

Kanako Watanabe receives prestigious Overseas Research Fellowship from JSPS

Rinske Alkemade wins the 2019 distinction for the Best Bachelor Thesis in Physics

PhD defence Ir. Ing. Frankje de Boer

NWO Rubicon grant Berend van der Meer

Chinese Government Award for Da Wang

PhD defence Douglas Hayden

NWO ENW-Klein grant for dr. Freddy Rabouw

PhD thesis defence Siddharth Paliwal

PhD thesis defence Jessi van der Hoeven

dr. Laura Filion to receive NWO Vidi grant

New nanopaper is transparent and UV-blocking

Dutch Journal of Physics prize for Heleen van Gog

NWO awards 17,3 million euro funding to the Netherlands Electron Microscopy Infrastructure (NEMI) proposal

PhD thesis defence Srivatssan Mohan

PhD thesis defence Ernest van der Wee

PhD thesis defence Tonnishtha Dasgupta

PhD thesis defence Somil Gupta