1. Balls, beams and blocks: In situ observation of colloidal particles in confinement and under electron irridiation (not available till November 2018)
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  3. Quasi-periodic and periodic photonic chrystals: A simulation study of their self-assembly, stability and photonic properties
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  4. Point Defects in 2D and 3D Nanomaterials: A Density Functional Theory Exploration
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  5. Plasmonics and Thermal Stability of Anisotropic nanoparticles: Heating and Fs-Laser Excitation
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  6. Phase behaviour of colloidal molecules with anisotropic interactions
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  7. How surfaces determine the properties of Nanomaterials: A Density Functional theory study (not available till November 2018)
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  8. Directed Assembly of Colloidal Rods, Spheres and their Mixtures
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  2. Towards Directional Colloidal Interactions
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  3. Self-assembly of faceted colloidal particles
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  3. Long-range repsulsive charged colloids in and out of equilibrium
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    Supplemental Information (thesis of Joost de Graaf)
  3. Complex colloidal structures by self-assembly in electric fields
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  5. Clustering and self-assembly of colloidal systems
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  2. Anisotropic Model Colloids
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    Job Thijssen, PhD Thesis, Utrecht University, 2007.
    Supplemental movies: fluc_speckles.avistat_speckles.avi, switching.avi
  2. Control over colloidal crystallization by shear and electric fields
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  3. Manipulating colloids with charges & electric fields
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  3. High-refractive index particles in counter-propagating optical tweezers – manipulation
    and forces

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