Thomas Troppenz

Institute for Theoretical Physics

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Promotors: Marjolein Dijkstra and Prof.dr. R. van Roij


  2014 – Wetenschappelijke publicaties
Kuijk, Anke, Troppenz, Thomas, Filion, Laura, Imhof, Arnout, Van Roij, René, Dijkstra, Marjolein & Van Blaaderen, Alfons (07-09-2014). Effect of external electric fields on the phase behavior of colloidal silica rods. Soft matter, 10 (33), (pp. 6249-6255) (7 p.).
Troppenz, Thomas, Filion, Laura, Van Roij, René & Dijkstra, Marjolein (21-10-2014). Phase behaviour of polarizable colloidal hard rods in an external electric field – A simulation study.Journal of chemical physics, 141 (15).
  2011 – Wetenschappelijke publicaties
Lim, L. -K, Troppenz, T. & de Morais Smith, C. (2011). Internal Josephson oscillations for distinct momenta Bose-Einstein condensates. Physical review. A, Atomic, molecular and optical physics, 84 (5), (pp. 053609) (7 p.).