Tian-Song Deng

NF Scherer Lab
Chicago University
Chemistry Department
929 E. 57th Street.
Chicago IL 60637


 Scholarly publications

  1. Single particle deformation and analysis of the same silica coated gold nanorods before and after fs-laser pulse excitation,
    W. Albrecht, T.-S. Deng, B. Goris, M.A. van Huis, S. Bals, A. van Blaaderen, Nano Letters 16, 1818-1825 (2016).
  2. Besseling, T. H., Hermes, M., Kuijk, A., De Nijs, B., Deng, T. S., Dijkstra, M., Imhof, A. & Van Blaaderen, A. (20.05.2015). Determination of the positions and orientations of concentrated rod-like colloids from 3D microscopy data. Journal of physics. Condensed matter, 27 (19)