Public lecture by Heineken Young Scientist Award winner Freddy Rabouw on September 12th

On Saturday September 12, during ‘Open Monumentendag’, Heineken Young Scientist Award winner Freddy Rabouw (SCM/ICC) will give a lecture for the general public (in Dutch) together with three fellow award winners. You can follow the lectures online between 17.00 – 18.00 via

Freddy Rabouw (SCMB) is receiving the Heineken Young Scientists Award 2020 in the Natural Sciences for his research on new materials to generate light, for example for solar cells or display screens. The materials he studies are mainly nanocrystals of only a few thousand atoms in size. What he is attempting to understand is how such a nanocrystal can efficiently convert one colour of light into another. This is fundamental research, but with various applications. For example, semiconductor nanocrystals, also known as “quantum dots”, are used in the latest generation of televisions