Rik Koster



    1. Modeling the Self-Assembly of Organic Molecules in 2D Molecular Layers with Different Structures
      Joost van der Lit, Jolien L. Marsman, Rik S. Koster, Peter H. Jacobse, Stephan A. den Hartog, Daniel Vanmaekelbergh, Robertus J. M. Klein Gebbink, Laura Filion, and Ingmar Swart, J.PhysChem C 120, (1), pp 318–323,
      DOI: 10.1021/acs.jpcc.5b09889 (2016).



  1. Stabilization of rock salt ZnO nanocrystals by low-energy surfaces and Mg additions – A first-principles study
    Koster, Rik S., Fang, Changming M., Dijkstra, Marjolein, Van Blaaderen, Alfons & Van Huis, Marijn A., Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 119 (10), (pp. 5648-5656) (9 p.)(12-03-2015)
  2. The accurate calculation of the band gap of liquid water by means of GW corrections applied to plane-wave density functional theory molecular dynamics simulations
    Fang, Changming, Li, Wun Fan, Koster, Rik S., Klimeš, Jirí, Van Blaaderen, Alfons & Van Huis, Marijn A., Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 17 (1), (pp. 365-375) (11 p.) (07-01-2015).